What is the RFD Social Club?

We are a social group made up of women who have worked together for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and have shared experiences unique to the job. Because of these experiences, we have formed a bond of friendship. This friendship prompts us to stay in contact with each other to be available to share life’s highs and pitfalls as these occur.

New membership is encouraged and we are delighted to have you join.
The only requirement for regular membership are that you were hired as a regular female deputy sheriff twenty years prior to the current year; and you may be currently on the job or retired to be a regular member. All other LASD female personnel, that qualify within the time slot, are invited to join as Associate members. All members and associate members are asked to pay fifteen dollars annual dues to defray the cost of the semi-annual newsletters, flowers and cards to members as needed, the luncheon mail notices and the annual printed roster of members names and addresses. If you travel with a companion , you may include your companion as a guest.
The group meets twice a year for a luncheon meeting, in the Spring and in the Fall. We try to schedule the luncheons for the first  Saturday of May and November, when the dates can be worked into luncheon contracts. This is as convenience for our out of state members to arrange their traveling schedules.

The Executive Board consists of :
President, Vicky McKown
Vice-president, Beth Dickinson
Secretary, Irma Alvarez,
Treasurer, Rose Marie Johnson.
Board members:
Flo Barclay,
Lynda Castro
Ellen Farwell
Sunny Garland,
Eileen Kelly,
Marshae Kinney,
Shirley Lamoureaux,
Beth Dickinson is our  Sunshine Lady
Vicky McKown is our recruitment person